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UCK 354E - Introduction to Digital Design

Course Objectives

The course aims the following items to be delivered to the students.
1. The knowledge about logic gates, Boolean Algebra and digital circuits
2. The knowledge about the utilization of digital systems in avionics
3. The ability to analyze digital circuits
4. The ability to design digital systems in order to solve the given problem with
verbal description

Course Description

Digital signal and system definitions. Interaction between digital and analog systems. Comparison between microcontrollers and digital circuits. Performance, power, area consumption and design process. Combinational digital circuits. Logic operators, switch circuits and transistors. Boolean Algebra, logic gates and CMOS circuits. Representations of Boolean functions: verbal description, truth table, equations, gate circuits. Canonical representations: Sum-of-minterms and Product-of maxterms. Combinational design flow, logic optimization, Karnaugh Map. Encoders, decoders, multiplexers. Gate delay. Digital feedback, memory and sequential circuits. SR latch, level sensitive SR and D latches, edge triggering and D flip-flop. Clock signal, synchronous and asynchronous circuits. Registers. Finite state machine (FSM) and state diagram. Implementation of FSM as a synchronous sequential circuit, and its design flow. Setup and hold time, metastability, asynchronous input. Number representations: negative numbers, fixed and floating point numbers. Datapath components: mutifunctional registers, adders, comparators, multipliers, Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), counters, timers. Introduction to implementation of digital systems using datapath and controller. Introduction to hardware description languages.

Course Coordinator
Ramazan Yeniçeri
Course Language
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