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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yapım Yönetimi ve Ekonomisi
English Construction Management and Economy
Course Code
MIM 332E Credit Lecture
Semester 6
4 3 2 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Fatma Pınar Çakmak
Course Objectives 1. To define the role, functions, authority and the responsibilities of the architect in the building production process;
2. To introduce Construction Project Management Life Cycle, the basic concepts and theory of management science and economicsö tools and techniques;
3. To inform the students about the management-related and economic problems at all levels of construction industry (national, firm, project and process);
4. To make aware of the design and construction management-related analysis techniques;
5. To gain the ability of practical application.
Course Description Basic concepts. Participants of the building production. State of the construction industry. Managerial and Economic decisions at different levels (sector, firm, project, operational) of building production process. The Life Cycle of the Construction Project Management, Knowledge Areas, Tools and Techniques. Design and construction firms; functions,
organizational patterns. Evaluation of building investments; feasibility studies. Project delivery systems, organizational structures and, type of contracts. Cost management; cost estimation, cost planning, and control, factors affecting building costs. Time and resource management; time and resource estimation, planning, and control; site management, site planning. Risk management; risk planning and control. Quality management; quality planning and control, specifications. Information management; information systems in construction management. Productivity in building production. The role of architects in different stages of building production process.
Construction laws and regulations. Progress control, changes, claims, and disputes, progress measurement, progress payments, close-out. Practices on building cost estimation, project planning/programming, and feasibility studies; sustainability in construction projects; site
management; site waste management; strategic management; dispute resolution techniques; leadership and motivation; lean management.
Course Outcomes
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