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MIM 438 - Architectural Survey with optical and electronic equipment

Course Objectives

1. To state the role of architect in archaeological field studies
2. To introduce architectural documentation and research principles in archaeological sites
3. To enrich information about construction techniques and materials that is frequently encountered in archaeological sites
4. To provide field practice on documentation of archaeological areas.
5. To provide fundamental information on survey equipment

Course Description

This is a course on the general concepts of documentation and research studies carried out in archaeological areas for students who completed their first year’s education and are interested in cultural assets. The course comprises a wide spectrum of topics related to profession of architecture in the field of archaeological areas: classification of research types and general concepts in archaeological areas, construction materials and techniques in historic areas, the role and duties of the architect in archaeological field studies, objectives of the survey in the context of architectural conservation and research, function and preparation process of the survey, the contribution of survey instruments in architectural documentation studies, evaluation and employment of survey data in computer environment using different kinds of software.

Course Coordinator
Umut Almaç
Course Language
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