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TES 113E - Basic Design & Visual Arts

Course Objectives

- To inform students about conceptual and practice based
knowledge on creativity, design principles, design elements
- Make the student gain the ability to express what they think
visually and understand this process systematically

Course Description

The course includes design elements (point, line, surface, sphere,
texture, colour, light, form), design principles (repetition, rhythm, ratio,
scale, balance, harmony, contrast, union of contrast, continuity,
hegemony), visual perception (psychology of perception, gestalt
principles - closeness, likeness, form-base etc., visual fallacy), the
concept of space ( space organization in two and three dimensional
work, geometry of urban space), the analysis of natural and man-made
environment (decomposition, disintegration, abstraction and
reinterpretation), patterns (point, line, accented line, value, contour,
movement), colour and the psychological effects of colour.

Course Coordinator
Mıchael Stefan Bıttermann
Course Language
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