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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Iç Mim.Tarih,Kuram &Eleştri II
English History,Theory and criticism in Interior Architecture II
Course Code
ICM 225 Credit Lecture
Semester 1
2 2 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Deniz Çalışır Pençe
Course Objectives 1. Examining the sense of space of different civilizations in the social, cultural, economic and ideological context,
2. Examining the selected samples from whole to detail by relating them with their interior components
3. Assesing and analyzing samples of space belonging different civilizations
4. To question the examined samples in the context of conceptual background and theories
5. To furnish the students with the ability of critical thinking and expression
Course Description Dealing with different approaches of world civilizations to “space” through examples (from 14th century till the end of 16th century); terminology and conceptual background, theory and criticism, intercultural relations and interactions; traditions in the history of interior design, continuities and breaking points, comparative analysis of interior architecture examples and a critical evaluation
Course Outcomes Students who successfully pass this course gain the knowledge, skills and the competency

I. the role of geographical, historical, socio-cultural, ideological, political, economic and religious variables which form the space
II. the ability to assess the selected samples of ?space? samples from different civilizations through out the history, in the context of interior architectural components
III. capasity of questioning the intellectual background which shape the architectural-interior architectural environment and theories
IV. the ability to make research on related topics
V. skill of critical reading, thinking and expressing
Pre-requisite(s) no
Required Facilities
Other no
Textbook no
Other References Ajmar -Wollheim, Marta , Dennis, Flora , 2010. At Home in Renaissance Italy, V&A., London.

Ajmar -Wollheim, Marta , Dennis, Flora and Matchette, Ann, 2007. Approaching the Italian Renaissance interior: sources, methodologies, debates , Willey-Blackwell, MA.

Akın, Esra, Necipoğlu, Gülru vd., 2006. Sinan's Autobiographies: Five Sixteenth-century Texts, Brill Academic Publishers.

Kafescioglu, Çiğdem. 2006. Constantinopolis/Istanbul: Cultural Encounter, Imperial Vision, and the Construction of the Ottoman Capital, Pennsylvania State University Press

Palladio, Andrea. 2002. The Four Books of Architecture. Trns. Robert Tavernor and Richard Schofield, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Necipoglu, Gülru. 1992. Architecture, Ceremonial, and Power: The Topkapi Palace in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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