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MIM 120E - Introduction to Computational Design Tools and Methods in Architecture

Course Objectives

1- To introduce a basic understanding of computation in the design context;
2- To provide fundamental hands-on experience in computational design techniques;
3- To be able to effectively employ basic algorithmic thinking in the design context.

Course Description

This is a compulsory unit of study which aims at introducing students to general principles of computation and its wide range of applications in architectural design. It also aims to introduce the students to the various digital design, fabrication and manufacturing technologies utilized in architectural design practices and make them develop a beginner level knowledge and experience in a suite of these technologies which involve a geometric modeling application (Rhinoceros), together with an algorithmic modeling plug in (Grasshopper) and laser cutting as a method for digital fabrication. With these objectives, as can be seen in the weekly plan, the course covers a wide range of topics to be delivered in lecture hours and tutorials and hands on working with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper during the lab hours.

Course Coordinator
Leman Figen Gül
Elif Sezen Yağmur Kilimci
Begüm Hamzaoğlu
Mine Özkar Kabakçıoğlu
Burak Delikanlı
İnanç Şencan
Mıchael Stefan Bıttermann
Course Language
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