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TES 121E - Project II

Course Objectives

The main objective of the course is enabling students to perceive, investigate, interpret, and analyze human-space-object-environment relationships and these elements that form these relations, to gain creatively problem solving skills and to gain the expertise in using the fundamental terminology of profession of each design disciplines. Students can develop design alternatives in relation with using common design elements of disciplines. While developing design alternatives students improve their ability of design with the natural, cultural and conceptual context, and by taking into consideration the structural, material, construction parameters related to the design’s scale through this course. And also informing the students about conceptual and practice based knowledge on creativity, design principles and design elements; helping the students effectively employ the basic skills to express their ideas visually and verbally; providing a medium to gain analysis and synthesis skills about design problems as well as a general awareness in design issues.

Course Description

The Project II course provides the student the ability to read, write, speak and listen effectively, ability to gather, assess, record, apply and comparatively evaluate relevant information within coursework and design processes. The critical thinking-conceptualizing-interpreting- problem definition and problem solving are the main stages of the studio.

Course Coordinator
Tan Kamil Gürer
Course Language
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