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TES 122E - Vis.CommII:Visualization&Persp

Course Objectives

this course focuses on a wide range of issues including:
- Means and methods for externalizing and visualizing thoughts, ideas,
observations, and situations such as diagramming, sketching,
mapping (such as cognitive, behavioral, spatial and etc.)
- Generating illustrative compositions for expressing design intent
such as mood-boards, story boards, scenario boards
- Designing presentations posters
- Rendering and toning technical and free hand drawings
- Developing one point and two-point perspective views of a design
- Determining and casting shadows in multiview and paraline drawings

Course Description

As the second course on visual communication, Visual Communication 2
aims to continue equipping you with the skills and knowledge for
externalizing, visualizing, representing and presenting your design ideas;
skills and knowledge that would contribute to your generating and
developing designs and communicating your design intent with others.

Course Coordinator
Tan Kamil Gürer
Course Language
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