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MIM 320E - Roof Systems

Course Objectives

1. Using problem solving ability in building element design process.
2. To obtain comprehensive and deep information about roof systems and components.
3. To make students understand the performance of these systems in buildings, and to develop the skills of designing roof systems and components.

Course Description

Objectives, scope of the course and related definitions. Roof and roofing systems: pitched roofs, low slopped roofs, roof structures and roofing components. Performance analysis of roof systems: environmental factors, performance requirements determined with regard to the basic functions of roof components and performance of roofs in place. Physical analysis of roofs. Forming and draining roofs. Jointing and integration of the roofs with buildings. Studio work: roof design and/or evaluation of alternative roof and roofing systems, selection and detailing.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Nil Türkeri
Course Language
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