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MIM 333E - Building Production Systems

Course Objectives

Analyzing the building production process and all the factors affecting the building production process by system approach, establishing the relationship of building system/building production system concepts in practical and conceptual dimensions, teaching all building production systems along with their product and process characteristics.

Course Description

In this course, concept, components, structure, environment of building production systems (BPS), its differences from other systems; product, demand characteristics of building, the effects on production are emphasized. Following the analysis of the BPS in parallel with the social, technological developments in time; conventional, rationalized, industrialized BPS are described. Main actors; their roles, responsibilities; effects on the decisions taken during the process; their positive, negative characteristics as well as production process are evaluated according to resource utilization, speed, quality, the advantages. Limitations of BPS are emphasized in terms of design.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Yaman
Course Language
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