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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Proje V
English Project V
Course Code
SBP 311E Credit Lecture
Semester -
5 2 6 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Azime Tezer
Course Objectives Establishing spatial strategic planning practice
Course Description Evaluation of dynamics of urban change and development at the regional level, collection of data on socio-economic, natural and built environment at regional and urban scale, data analysis, assessment of data analyses, synthesis of data, development of scenario alternatives, identification of principles, strategies and policies that will direct urban change and development, evaluation of legal, administrative and institutional framework, production of an urban plan with alternatives.
Course Outcomes
Pre-requisite(s) SBP 212 MIN DD
veya/or SBP 212E MIN DD
veya/or SBP 216 MIN DD
veya/or SBP 216E MIN DD
veya/or SBP 218 MIN DD
veya/or SBP 218E MIN DD
Required Facilities
Textbook Davoudi, S., Strange, I., 2008. Conceptions of Space and Place in Strategic Spatial Planning, RTPI Library Series.
Other References Carmona, M., Burgess, R., 2001. Strategic Planning and Urban Projects,Delft University Press, Delft. (Kütüphane harici kaynak)
Healey, P., 1997. Making Strategic Spatial Plans, Routledge. (Kütüphane harici kaynak)
Healey, P., 2003. Readings in planning theory, Blackwell Malden, MA. (Kütüphane harici kaynak)
Healey, P., 2006. Relational Complexity and the imaginative power of strategic spatial planning, European Planning Studies, Vol 14 (4), pp 525–246.
Healey, P., 2007. Urban Complexity and Spatial Strategies, Routledge, Oxon. (Kütüphane harici kaynak)
Londra Stratejik Planı, www.london.gov.uk/who-runs-london/greater-london-authority/strategic-plan
Shearer, A.W. et al, 2009. Land Use Scenarios: Environmental Consequences of Development, CRC Press, Boca Raton.
Ersoy, M., 2012. Kentsel Planlama Kuramları, İmge Yayınevi, Ankara.
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