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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Diploma Projesi
English Diploma Project
Course Code
MIM 4902E Credit Lecture
Semester 8
5 1 8 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Yüksel Demir
Course Objectives 1. To present, through “a comprehensive architectural project prepared individually” that the student of the diploma project has the required knowledge in all sub-disciplines that constitute the body of architectural education, especially the field of architectural design, and that he/she has reached the desired professional maturity level.
2. In doing so, to expand the experience of design and knowledge of architecture.
3. To share this production with the architectural academia and the public through open juries.
Course Description Development of a given project subject by considering “theme”, “site/city, history/memory and global dynamics”, “ecologic, social, public and private issues”, “technologic and cultural potentials” and “future visions”. Design and presentation of a project by conducting all the necessary “research, design and representation”. the Development of the project by applying all acquired knowledge of “the discipline of architecture and its sub-topics”, and as an “architectural idea, program and spatial configuration” with reference to critiques and potentials identified in the jury sessions. Finally, completing the project as a “critical and creative, new” diploma project.
Course Outcomes Students who complete the course will be able to;
1. Take care of the dynamics of life, city, and ecology within different scales as a comprehensive architectural project.
2. Design through an attitude considering history/memory/heritage, social subjects, environmental issues, technological improvements, and future visions.
3. Develop a research-based, critical and creative, novel architectural idea, program and project.
4. Demonstrate skills to reveal a certain design approach.
5. Apply and use different kinds of representation techniques and media.
6. Consider an inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary working attitude.
7. Develop and present a project with its “spatial organization, perceptual/aesthetics/formal and material qualities, structural and construction system, project management” as a whole and accessible building system.
8. Publicly present a project to architecture juries.
Required Facilities Computer, Internet, Related Programs and Apps
Other References Assignment of Juries.
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