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MIM 351 - Architectural Design V

Course Objectives

1. Approaching and discussing design problems in relation to environmental, social and urban aspects, increasing awareness for responsibility and collective work through individual and group works.
2. Ability to develop programs based on socio-cultural scenarios, awareness on possible design discussions on alternative concept designs
3. Learning design tool skills to support thinking, researching, and designing on issues of function, spatial organization, structure, etc.
4. Investigating recent technologies in form finding and representing the formal, structural and tectonic qualities in accurate and meaningful scales and details.
5. Learning to sufficiently use representational tools, digital programs and technical information required in order to express the process and the outcome of the architectural design.

Course Description

Exploration of multi-dimensional design problems and spatial configurations in the urban context; discussion of societal and cultural aspects of architecture through its relationship with place, context, program, space, identity, representation; approaching architecture in relation to advanced design and construction technologies, application of digital methods and tools in design processes; advancing representational skills in multi-faceted media environments

Course Coordinator
Gülçin Pulat Gökmen
Course Language
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