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Course Objectives

The aim of the Project V is to understand the dynamics of urban and regional development and to prepare an urban development plan, taking into account the legal, administrative, socio-economic and ecological dimensions that will guide the change. Within this purpose,
? Understanding the regional and local development dynamics and constraints of the settlement and evaluating its effects on the spatial dimension for the future,
? Developing spatial and socio-economic strategies in line with the plan objectives by evaluating alternative development options,
? Understanding the roles of different actors in the planning process and linking them to actions based on spatial and socio-economic strategies,
? Generating land use decisions related to spatial and socio-economic strategies,
? Understanding and evaluating the relationships between different scales and scopes,
topics are highlighted in the scope of the project.

Course Description

Based on the purpose of the project explained above, the project includes;

The development and change trends of the selected province/district (Kırklareli/Vize) will be analyzed using current analysis methods, potentials and limitations will be determined,

? Existing upper-scale plans (Environmental Plan and Regional Plan) will be examined,
? Future vision and strategic goals for the study area will be determined,
? The roles and cooperation potentials of the actors in study area will be evaluated in order to achieve these goals,
? Land use decisions will be produced for spatial and action development targets.

The project will be carried out in two phases.

1. Production of 1/25,000 or 1/50,000 development scenarios for the settlement (with Vize settlement and rural areas within its administrative borders) with the strategic spatial planning approach learned in Project 4, by evaluating the upper scale plans and data of the Thrace Region and Kırklareli province.

2- In relation to the first phase, it is expected that a 1/5000 scale master plan will be produced in which the land use decisions of the Vize settlement will be made.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Ali Yüzer
Course Language
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