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PEM 4014E - Dig.Repres.Tech.for Lands.Dsgn

Course Objectives

1. The aim of the course is to bring representation techniques of landscape architecture into the
computer realm.
2. Mastering digital representation methods is becoming a crucial tool due to the increasing demand in
landscape architecture practices and academia.
3. The coursework will uses a 3D modeling platform to represent and express the potential of
landscape architectural designs.

Course Description

Basic 3D modeling and digital representation techniques; architectural / landscape architectural
representation techniques within the digital realm; 3D modeling to represent and express the potential of
interior architectural designs; importing, export, modeling and rendering procedures as basic elements of
digital representation; drawing commands and interface for curves and surfaces modeling; rendering
engines and techniques; enhancing and composing the rendered images; basic vector presentation

Course Coordinator
Ikhwan Kım
Safiye Elif Serdar Yakut
Course Language
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