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MIM 211 - Architectural Project 3

Course Objectives

1. Development of abilities in approaching design problems in a multi-dimensional manner.?
2. Discussion on the unity of systems (social, cultural, structural, etc.) within the design process and developing an awareness concerning this.?
3. Development of the students’ conceptualization and design development skills, based on the unity of design systems.?
4. Investigation of the design problem and its personalization.

Course Description

Development of solutions through a holistic approach to design problems; discussions regarding the role of natural, built and cultural environments within the design process; introduction to function, form, structure, and the principles of space organization; analysis of the theoretical basis of architecture through design work; introduction of fundamental concepts of architecture through seminars and research; critical evaluation of contemporary archtitectural Works, both buildings and ideas, from turkey and around the World; experiencing of modelling and animation techniques; experiencing of contemporary architectural discussions to promote mappings, analyzes and design with field trips to special areas of İstanbul or another city

Course Coordinator
Tan Kamil Gürer
Course Language
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