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ICM 246E - Interior Arch. Design Studio I

Course Objectives

1. To help students reveal their personal experiences and perceptions by breaking the patterns.
(cognitive learning)
2. To enable the student to choose suitable / close material with his / her experience and to pave the way for 'discoveries’.
(experiential learning)
3. To be able to provide and added value with concept, design thinking and particular approach
(challenge-based learning).
4. Enhancing creativity with self-challenges and design approach.
5. Architectural design approach for global concerns.
6. Creation of the ‘Big Idea’.
7. Triggering ‘Design-Driven Innovation’
8. Developing digital-design thinking skills.
9. Proposing prudent solutions by an architectural design approach to address studio context.
10. Display enhanced design methods and skills.
11. More effectively present design ideas both individually and as part of a team.

Course Description

Design concept is defined each week.

In class presentations / corrections / practice – online
Weekly concepts are discussed by in-class practice and occasionally with pin-up critics.

Group assignment of 2 students or individual work are both allowed depending on the selected context.

It is also recommended that you be working in a personal sketchbook / visual journal / altered book.
Use of digital tools and digital-design thinking approaches are highly valued.

Every student is expected to attend the studio sessions and actively participate on the discussions. Main contribution is to get involved.

We encourage you to join the public critics, participate, ask and be present in all discussions.

Course Coordinator
Yasemin Çoraklı
Course Language
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