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MIM 420E - Logic and Theory of Design

Course Objectives

1 - Discuss design and architectural design approaches with special emphasis on thresholds of historical perspective,
2 - Introduce computer aided design approaches, models and paradigms,
3 - Discuss architectural design process and its logical, cognitive and visualization operations,
4 - Cross examine designer behaviour in interdisciplinary context, evaluate the designers strategies of thinking, making and tool use,
5 - Assist students to develop understanding on different design media, design processes, and designer profiles.

Course Description

Architecture and architectural design: different approaches and models of design, computer aided design models. The structure of design activity: design process, characteristics of design problems and process, problem solving behaviour, heuristic reasoning and creativity, design psychology and cognitive strategies, mental imagery, visualization, knowledge in design. Designers in action: different approaches, strategies in form generation, normative and operative positions to guide design thinking. Design methodology: why methods, history of design methodology and recent developments, logic in design. Design tools.

Course Coordinator
Ozan Önder Özener
Course Language
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