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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Endüstriyel Ürün Tasarımı II
English Industrial Product Design II
Course Code
EUT 214E Credit Lecture
Semester 4
5 2 6 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Objectives 1. To provide interpretation skills of design problems.
2. To provide knowledge about basic principles in product interface designs.
3. To introduce product semantics and product language concepts and maintain that they are used in product design process.
4. To make sure that “human factors” are taken into consideration in design solutions.
5. To provide skills in designing products in which different material combinations are used
Course Description Interpreting Design Problems, Simple Interfaces;, Form Giving-Production Method Relationship, Product Semantics and Product Language Concepts, Undertaking Research During The Design Process And Transferring Research Data into Products, Human Factors in Design, Design Development through Three Dimensional Modelling, Developing of Presentation Techniques, Working Mechanism Model, Computer Aided Drawing, Developing Projects by Using Different Material Combinations.
Course Outcomes Students who have successfully completed this course will be able:
1. To interpret design problems.
2. To know the principles of human-product interface and human factors in design and apply his/her knowledge in design projects.
3. To know the concepts of product semantics and product language and apply his/her knowledge in design projects.
4. To undertake research to inform the design process and apply research data to design projects.
5. To make two and three dimensional presentations of required quality and style.
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