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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Görüntüleme Teknikleri
English Visualization Techniques
Course Code
EUT 436E Credit Lecture
Semester 5
6 7 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Mehmet Erkök
Course Objectives 1.Gaining basic photographic knowledge and skills
2.Developing seeing and sensing skills
3.Learning light and composition information with practicing
4.Gaining the ability of using photography as a designer
Course Description Basic elements of photography. Light, cameras and films. Lenses and relevant concepts. Cameras, accessories, films, structures and types. Natural and artificial lighting and armatures. Photographic techniques; framing and graphic composition. The ability of generating a layout with light and composition with using the basic elements of photographic language. Examination of surface texture and reflections; color education. Contrast, complementary adjacent colors, pure, light-dark application. Examination of light reflection of prismatic materials and coloring
Course Outcomes Student, who passed the course satisfactorily can:

1. Learn the historical and technical development
2. Learn the photo shooting techniques
3. Prepare correct light and good composition
4. Build a simple camera
5. Understand the properties of a good photograph
Required Facilities photo studio
Other References Prof. Sabit Kalfagil, 2006, Kompozisyon, Fotografevi yayinlari.
Levend Kılıç, 2003, Görüntü estetiği, Inkılap Yayınevi.
Barbara London, Jim Stone, John Upton, 2007, Photography, Prentice Hall.
Terry Barrett, 2005, Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding,
McGraw-Hill Publishing.
John Hedgecoe, 1992, The photographer's handbook, Dorling kindersley book
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