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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yeni Ürün Geliştirme
English New Product Development
Course Code
EUT 441E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Objectives 1.To provide an understanding of the role of new product design and development in a competitive economic environment
2.To provide an understanding of basic concepts and methods about the process and stages of new product development at company level.
3.To provide an understanding of basic concepts about the organization of new product development, and of the main actors of NPD at company level.
4.To provide an understanding of the roles, responsibilities and contributions of industrial designand designer in the new product development process.Prototyping, Product development economics, Case studies of NPD projects from Turkeyand abroad.
Course Description Factors forcing institutions and designers to design & develop new products, New product strategies, Importance of new product development (NPD), NPD processes and organizations, Product planning, Identifying customer and user needs, Product specifications, Concept generation,Concept selection, Concept testing, Product architecture, The role of industrial design in NPD process,
Course Outcomes Student, who passed the course satisfactorily can:
1.have an understanding of the role and importance of new product design and development in a competitive economic environment.
2.be able to define the actors and the types of organizational alternatives in the new product development (NPD) process
3.have an understanding of the whole and the stages of NPD process, the interrelationships among the stages and, be able to use the specific techniques employed in each stage
Required Facilities
Textbook Brown, T., 2009, Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation, Harper Business
Other References Kahn, K. B., 2004, The PDMA Handbook of New Product Development, Wiley.
Ulrich K., Eppinger S, 2017, Prodeuct Design and Development, McGraw-Hill Education; 6th edition
Urban, G.I., and Hauser, J.R, 1993, Design and Marketing of New Products, Prentice Hall Inc.
De Mozota, B. B., 2003, Design Management, Allworth Press.
Von Hippel, E., 2005, Democratizing Innovation, MIT Press.
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