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MET 455E - Materials Processing Lab.

Course Objectives

Understanding the importance of the tests in various metallurgical processing, conducting the experiments and learning the evaluation of results.

Basic Principles of Electrochemical Corrosion, Galvanic Corrosion, Impact Experiment of Metallic Materials, Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials, Torsion Test, Stress Relaxation Experiment of Metallic Materials, Heat Treatment Experiments, Determination of Molding Sand-Strength and Moisture Content, Molding Sand Sieve Analysis and Determination f Moldability Index

Course Description

The course MET 455E contains conducting several basic corrosion, casting and mechanical tests. The course is performed in the laboratory, and the students are requested to present a report after analyzing and interpreting the results..

Course Coordinator
Murat Baydoğan
Course Language
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