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MET 364 - Extractive Metallurgy Lab.

Course Objectives

Comprehensive understanding of the theoretical subjects covered in extractive metallurgy courses, dealing with the probable problems faced in industry, learning pre-treatment techniques applied to metallurgical raw materials, learning basic production methods in the fields of pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and electrometallurgy, applying the engineering knowledge gained in classes to design and conduct lab-scale experiments, to analyze their results, and to work as teams.

Course Description

Cupellation, Refining and reduction electrolysis of copper, Copper production via sulphatizing roasting of sulfurous copper concentrates, Cementation, hydroxide precipitation and analysis techniques, Reduction electrolysis of zinc, Carbothermal reductive melting, Metallothermal reductive melting, Pelletizing of iron ore powders, Reduction of ferrous raw materials and optical investigations, Process automation and control.

Course Coordinator
Duygu Ağaoğulları
Duygu Ağaoğulları
Course Language
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