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TER 201 - Thermodynamics

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the principles of thermodynamics related to the conversion of energy from one form to another
2. To introduce the pure substance through the phase change processes in order to establish the relationships among thermodynamics properties and how to use thermodynamic property tables
3. To introduce the first law of thermodynamics with the Energy Conservation Principle and their application in both closed and open systems
4. To introduce the second law of thermodynamics with the concept of Entropy and Degradation of Energy during the energy transfer in order to determine the theoretical limits for the performance
5. To introduce the basic concepts of thermodynamics for the analysis of practical engineering problems

Course Description

Introduction and Basic Concepts: Thermodynamics and Energy, Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, Energy
Conversion and General Energy Analysis, Properties of Pure Substances, Energy Analysis of Closed
Systems, Mass and Energy Analysis of Control Volumes, The Second Law of Thermodynamics: Heat
Engines, Refrigerators and Heat Pumps, The Carnot Cycle, Entropy and The Increase of Entropy Principle,
Exergy: A Measure of Work Potential

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Salim Söğüt
Course Language
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