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MET 346 - Mod.& Sim. of Met. & Mat. Process

Course Objectives

1. Description of metallurgical and materials processes and some simple simulation exercises,
2. Fundamentals of simulation and modelling,
3. Advances in theoretical background of metallurgical processes’ simulation and modelling,
4. Demonstrating a sample commercial simulation program,
5. To have the students research on the effect of certain parameters on metallurgical processes with the help of modelling software.

Course Description

Introduction and fundamentals of modelling and simulation, Mathematical and physical basis of modelling, methodology, Examples of metallurgical and materials processes, Mass and energy balances, and simultaneous solutions, in-class demonstration of modelling software, Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science, Application of Multiscale Modeling, Application of the methodology for materials behavior and processing problems, Modeling of grain growth and microstructure in polycrystalline materials, Modeling of structural materials, Description of certain extractive metallurgical processes (roasting, smelting, leaching, precipitation, electrolysis, refining, etc.) and steps of their mathematical modelling, Concepts of kinetics, batch, and continuous processes in extractive metallurgy, Determining the effect of controlling parameters, such as particle size, temperature, concentration, pressure, gas/liquid/solid flow rate, stirring speed, current density, etc., and mathematical modelling thereof. Assigning these parameters to the student groups as term projects, Hands-on experimenting of modelling software in the computer-lab to investigate the effect of these parameters, individually assigned to the groups of students, Building the models of metallurgical processes, investigated under the light of related controlling parameters, their simulation with modelling software, in-class presentation of these models by the student groups to their classmates.

Course Coordinator
Sebahattin Gürmen
Course Language
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