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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1st week
Introduction. Steel production flow charts, definitions and history. Steel industry in Turkey and the World, raw materials, metallurgical operations in Iron and steel production.
2 nd week
Metallurgical coke production, parameters affecting properties of coke. Iron ores, minerals and iron ore characterization. Iron ores charge preparation processes (metallurgical pre-processing and ore dressing).
3rd week
Sintering of iron ores and concentrates Pelletizing of iron ore concentrates Agglomeration products, features and tests. Fluxes.
4th week
Production of crude -pig iron. Blast furnace and production plants, Blast Furnace liquid crude iron production, principles and technology, reduction
5th week
Basic principles of passing the elements to slag and liquid iron and the effects of operating parameters in blast furnace. Processes and technologies to improve blast furnace efficiency. Tuyere injections.
6th week
Blast furnace - refining of steel mill operations Applications.
7th week
Midterm Exam I
8th week
Basic oxygen steel making. Recent developments in basic oxygen converters. AOD converter and stainless steel production principles and technologies.
9th week
Electric arc furnace primary and / or secondary sources and developments in steel production.
10th week
Primary sources (DRI, HBI) and secondary sources (scrap).
11th week
De-oxidation and alloying technology and alloying materials (ferro-alloys) and the general Principles.
Midterm Exam II
12th week
Refining, deoxidizing, and alloying operations, and the principles and practices (Ladle Metallurgy - Secondary Metallurgy).Steel casting
13th. week
New - alternative Technologies in Iron and steel production, and their applications.
14th. week
General considerations. Presentations – optional.
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