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INS 316E - Site Layout

Course Objectives

1. To teach Site Layout
2. To teach Site Layout Management
3. To teach Site Layout Planning , programming
4. To teach Site Layout design and budgeting.
5. To give information about Site Layout construction and operation

Course Description

The concept of site and the importance of site in construction production, Preparing a site mobilization plan, Important rules on site mobilization and preparing settlement plan, Planning site roads, water, electricity, drain water, heating and communication systems, Formal applications and required procedures, Construction of the site, Dimensioning main site units and legal specifications, Management office, accommodation, daytime shelter, canteen, WC and showers; Dimensioning production platforms such as concrete, formwork, reinforcement iron, etc., Material storages, storage capacity and calculating storage area; Warehouses, workplaces and other units, Site plan examples, Importance of site management and organization and fundamental information, Priority subjects for successful site management.

Course Coordinator
Senem Bilir
Course Language
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