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INS 314E - Dynamics of Structures

Course Objectives

Analysis and design of structures under the time dependent loads.
To introduce students understand the analysis of structural systems under dynamic loads and the determination of basic dynamic system characteristics that control this behavior.

Course Description

Time Dependent Dynamic Loads, Essential Characteristics of a Dynamic System
Methods of Discretization, Equation of Motion, Mass-Spring-Damper, System External Force
Single Degree of Freedom Systems (SDOF): Undamped Free Vibration, Viscously Damped Free Vibration
SDOF Response to Harmonic and Periodic Excitations
Numerical Evaluation of SDOF Dynamic Response (Time Stepping Methods)
Numerical Evaluation of SDOF Dynamic Response (Newmark’s Method)
Earthquake Response of SDOF Linear Systems
Response Spectrum Concept
Multi Degree of Freedom Systems (MDOF): Equations of Motion
MDOF Free Vibration, Modal Analysis
Numerical Evaluation of MDOF Time-Stepping Methods
Earthquake Analysis of MDOF Systems, Response Spectrum Analysis
Numerical Evaluation of MDOF Dynamic Response

Course Coordinator
Yasin Fahjan
Course Language
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