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Course Objectives

1 - Describe and predict the motion experienced by inertial and non-inertial observers
2 - Understand central forCE motion
3 - Understand the basic principles of 2D Rigid BODY Motion
4 - formulate the equations of Motion of 3D Rigid Bodies
5 - Understand the simple vibration analysis of a rigid BODY

Course Description

Definitions and principal axioms. Kinematics of particles. Linear, plane and general motions. Relative motion. Kinetics of particles. Newton s laws. Impuls and momentum principle. Work and Energy. Motion with resistance. Central-force Motion systems of particles. Collision. Variablesmass. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Kinetics of Rigid Bodies. Work and Energy. Impulse and momentum. Fixed-Axis rotation of rigit body. Plane motion of rigid body. Vibration of rigid body . Relative motion.

Course Coordinator
Akif Kutlu
Course Language
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