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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Taşınmaz Hukuku
English Real Estate's Law
Course Code
JDF 252 Credit Lecture
Semester 4
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Mustafa Yanalak
Course Objectives Allow the goal of the course is to enable the students
1.comprehend Civil Law System
2. understand the Approach Of Civil Law Concept To Real Estate
3.comprehend Ownership To Engrave And Ownership Of Real Estate
4. gain information about Land Register, Obligation Of Real Estate, To Put In Pawn
To Real Estate, Ownership Of A Flat, Inheritance, Inheritor And Transition Of
Course Description 1 - Civil Law System, 2 - The Approach Of Civil Law Concept To Real Estate, 3 -
Ownership To Engrave And Ownership Of Real Estate, 4 - Land Register, 5 -
Obligation Of Real Estate, 6 - To Put In Pawn To Real Estate, 7 - Ownership Of A Flat,
8 - Inheritance, Inheritor And Transition Of Inheritance.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course successfully will be able to:
1.Describe the law concept and relationship between the rules governing social life.
2.Explain the personal rights for goods forming the subject of the objective rights
3.Establishe the relationship between the concepts of ownership and possession.
4.Dominate the manner of acquisition of property rights, and by the use of rules and
5.Explain the land registry and land registry principles. Interpret the transactions and
evaluate in terms of compliance with administrative or technical regulations.
6.Explain the condominium legislation. Establish and implement the registration of
condominium plans.
7.Understand the legislation relating to the law of inheritance. Makes the transition
acquisition and heritage sharing accounts.
Required Facilities
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