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ELK 312E - High Voltage Techniques

Course Objectives

1) To teach why we use high voltage (HV) and to introduce HV problems and HV applications
2) To teach analytical, numerical and experimental electrostatic field computation methods and to evaluate discharge phenomena at high electric fields,
3) To introduce basic breakdown phenomena and their properties at gas, solid, and liquid dielectrics,
4) To provide origins of overvoltages and protection against them.
5) To introduce risks, measures and conditions of high voltage (HV) studies,
6) To teach importance, principles, and methods of HV generation and measurement,
7) To practice design and assemble of HV generation and measurement system,
8) To teach to draw up a report and evaluation of test results,
9) To encourage experimental research

Course Description

Electrical Field Analysis: experimental and computational methods, electrical breakdown in gasses, Townsend’s breakdown criterion, Paschen’s law, Streamer or “Kanal” mechanisms, breakdown in non-uniform field and corona, electrical break down of dielectric liquids and solids, insulating materials, dielectric measurements, generation and measurement of high AC, DC and impulse voltages and currents, electrostatic generators, testing transformers and series resonant circuits, impulse voltage and current generator circuits, sphere and uniform field gaps, electrostatic generating and peak voltage measuring voltmeters.

Course Coordinator
Ramazan Çağlar
Şahin Serhat Şeker
Course Language
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