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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction. Basic concepts of the electrostatic field, Laplace's and Poisson's equations.
2 Planar electrode systems. Concentric spherical electrode systems.
3 Coaxial cylindrical electrode systems.
4 Non-coaxial cylindrical electrode systems. Approximate calculation of max. Electric field.
5 Electrode systems with multi-dielectrics: planar and coaxial cylindrical systems.
6 Uniform stress and high voltage cable and bushing applications. Conformal mapping.
7 Numerical methods for electrostatic field calculations.
8 Introduction to discharge phenomena. Ionization. Townsend theory. Paschen's law.
9 Breakdown mechanism in a vacuum. Streamer theory. Corona discharges.
10 Surface discharges. Lightning phenomenon. Breakdown in liquid dielectrics.
11 Breakdown in solid dielectrics: breakdown theories, affecting parameters. Partial discharges.
12 A basic knowledge origin of overvoltages and protection against overvoltages.
13 High Voltage Transient Analysis and Reflection of Traveling waves at a Junction.
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