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EHB 322 - Digital Electronic Circuits

Course Objectives

Purpose of this course
1. Analysis of basic building blocks used in digital electronic circuits,
2. Their calculation by hand and computer simulations,

Course Description

General concepts and definitions, static and dynamic properties of NMOS and CMOS inverters, static NOR and
Complex gate structures with NAND gates, switched logic architecture, NMOS and CMOS (TG) pass-through logic,
sequential circuit basic structures-flipflops, synchronization in digital circuits, dynamic digital circuits:
Domino, nora, zipper logic structures, solid-state memories: read-only memories (ROM), static and dynamic write-read
memory (SRAM and DRAM), port arrays (PAL, PLA, FPGA)

Course Coordinator
Hacer Atar Yıldız
Course Language
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