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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Elektromanyetik Teori-II
English Electromagnetic Theory II
Course Code
EHB 337 Credit Lecture
Semester 5
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Funda Akleman Yapar
Course Objectives 1. To learn the electromagnetic wave and wave propagation concepts
2. To learn the plane wave solutions
3. To learn the reflection and refraction of plane waves and its applications
4. To learn the wave guides and their analysis.
5. To learn the radiation and its applications
Course Description Maxwell’s equations, Wave concept and time dependent wave equation, Helmholtz equation
and it’s solutions. Time harmonic plane waves. Polarization. Reflection and refraction of plane
waves from planar boundaries. Waveguides, Mode and cut-off frequency concepts. Radiation.
Introducion to antennas. EM waves in wireless communication systems.
Course Outcomes Student who pass the course
1. Knows the general characteristics of electromagnetic waves and principles of
2. Can solve the wave equation and obtain the plane wave solutions.
3. Knows the polarization of waves.
4. Knows the general principles of reflection and refraction.
5. Can analyze the waveguides.
6. Knows the radiation and antennas.
Pre-requisite(s) EHB 212 min DD veya EHB 212E min DD veya TEL 212 min DD veya TEL 212E min DD veya EEF 212 min DD veya EEF 212E min DD
Required Facilities
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