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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Denizcilik İngilizcesi II
English Maritime English II
Course Code
DFH 222E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Alaaddin Yıldıray Ertaş
Course Objectives 1. To teach efficient External and On board communication.
2. To utilize SMCP.
3. To prepare reports, letters and other written documents in English language
Course Description This syllabus covers the requirements of the STCW / 95 Convention Chapter II Section A-II/1.
This functional element provides the detailed knowledge of Maritime English to support training
outcomes related to navigation at the operational level.
Course Outcomes Students who pass this course will be able to use Vocational English in the given subjects;
I. Learn on board communication.
II. Learn external communication.
III. Learn preparing reports and letters.
IV. Be able to prepare written radio messages.
V. Be able to read and prepare charter parties.
VI. Be able to request medical advice and medical assistance by radio.
Required Facilities
Other References
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