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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Müh. Sistem. Nümerik Analizi
English Numerical Analysis of Engineering Systems
Course Code
GMI 131 Credit Lecture
Semester 2
- 2 1 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ata Bilgili
Course Objectives 1. To develop an understanding of how basic engineering problems can be numerically formulated and solved using simple approximate methods consisting only of the four basic arithmetic operations.
2. To develop an understanding of the applicability and limits of numerical formulations.
3. To develop an understanding of the error concept in numerical computations and computer applications.
4. To teach the theory behind the numerical methods which are coded in the engineering and scientific computing class (BIL 108 or BIL 113).
Course Description Error analysis. Taylor series. Root finding methods. Solving linear algebraic equations. Optimization. Curve fitting. Least-squares method. Interpolation-extrapolation. Numerical differentiation and integration. Solving ordinary differential equations. Computers and numbers. Stability and error propagation. Polynomials. Initial value problems.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course;
I. Know the fundamentals of numerical methods.
II. Formulate the problems defined in the course content in a way suitable for numerical analysis.
III. Select a suitable numerical method for the treatment of a given problem based on its limitations and advantages.
IV. Formulate a given problem as a function of a predefined error ratio.
Pre-requisite(s) (MAT 101 or MAT 101E or MAT 103 or MAT 103E min DD)
Required Facilities A good handle on how to use calculators effectively.
Textbook Chapra, S. C. & Canale R. P., Numerical Methods for Engineers, 7th Ed., McGraw-Hill Education, 992 p., ISBN-13: 978-0073397924, 2014.
Other References Gilat, A., & Subramaniam, V., Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists, 3rd Ed., Wiley, 576 p., ISBN-13: 978-1118554937, 2013.
Karaboğa, N., Sayısal Yöntemler ve Matlab Uygulamaları, Nobel Yayıncılık, 384 p, 2012.
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