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MRT 311 - Ship and Handling Maneuvring

Course Objectives

1. To teach internal and external factors that affect to ship handling and maneuvering.
2. To teach different types of ship maneuvering characteristics.
3. To teach ship handling in emergency for different situation and conditions.
4. To teach basic ship maneuvering (berthing/unberthing).

Course Description

Resistance on ship handling and maneuvering. Engine and manoeuvre systems. Description of pivotal point. Steering, Turning circles and stopping distances. Effect of wind and current on ship handling. Squat, shallow water and similar effects. Proper procedures for anchoring and mooring. Ship handling in restricted waters. Berthing-unberthing, manoeuvre by tug and without tug. Basic ship handling maneuverings. Ship handling in heavy weather and in ice. Towing. Maneuvers for man overboard.

Course Coordinator
Emre Akyüz
Course Language
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