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DUI 407E - Cargo Handling and Stowage

Course Objectives

1. To teach cargo handling operations adn preparedness acc. to ship type
2. To teach to look for right publication acc. to cargo type
3. To Create Awareness of Risk and Danger of faulty cargo operations

Course Description

Dry Bulk Carriage and Cargo and Ballast Operations, Liquid Bulk Carriage and Cargo Operations, Ro Ro Shipping and Roro Cargo Operations, Container Cargo Operations, Stowage Plan, Tentative Plan, Draft Survey, Carrying Dangerous Goods On Board IMDG- IMSBC, Cargo Documentation, Cargo Security and Safety-Examples of Cargo Security Failures, Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing, Training for Entry Enclosed Spaces, potential dangerous enclosed spaces, Care of Cargo During Transit, Maintenance of Cargo Gear and Hatch covers, Requirements for Cargo Gear. IMO Conventions and Documentations. Port and Terminal Operations for Safe handling.

Course Coordinator
Yunus Emre Şenol
Course Language
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