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AKM 204E - Fluid Mechanics

Course Objectives

1.To introduce the basic principles of fluid mechanics.
2.To teach formulation and simplification of the equations of fluid flow.
3.To help students gain an ability to use the equations for solution of fluid flow problems.

Course Description

In this class, principles of fluid motion are given with problems following the theory. Chapters include: Basic concepts and definitions. Fluid kinematics. Fluid statics. Manometers and pressure measurements. Hydrostatic forces on immersed bodies. Equations of conservation of mass, momentum and energy for systems and control volumes. Reynold’s transport theorem. Bernoulli equation and applications. Rotational and irrotational flows. Vorticity. Stream Function and Flow Potential. Elementary flows. Flow over immersed bodies. Applications and examples from Atmospheric flows.

Course Coordinator
Zerefşan Kaymaz
Course Language
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