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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Basic concepts and definitions. Dimensions and units. System. Properties of System. State and equilibrium. State change and cycles. Pressure. Temperature. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.
2 Pure substance and properties. Phases of pure substance and phase change. Properties diagrams and tables.
3 Ideal gas and equation of state. Real gasses. Compressibility factor. Generalized chart for Compressibility factor. Other equations of state. Introduction to the first law of Thermodynamics.
4 Heat and work. First law of Thermodynamics (For closed systems). Specific heats. Internal energy, enthalpy and specific heat of ideal gasses. Specific heat of solids and liquids.
5 First law of Thermodynamics (For open systems). Conservation of mass. Conservation of energy. Flow work. Open systems with steady flow.
6 Unsteady open systems. The uniform-state, uniform-flow systems. .
7 Second law of Thermodynamics. Heat engines. Refrigeration systems and heat pumps
8 Reversible and irreversible processes. Carnot cycles. Carnot principles. The thermodynamic temperature scale.
9 Clausius inequality. Entropy. Principle of the increase of Entropy. Third law of Thermodynamics..
10 Entropy change of pure substance. Temperature-Entropy (T-s) diagram
11 Entropy change of ideal gasses. Reversible steady flow work.
12 Adiabatic efficiency of some engines..
13 Exergy and second law solution
14 Second law solution of closed and open systems.
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