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PET 492E - Graduation Project

Course Objectives

To give the students the opportunity to be a part in all stages of a design regarding oil, natural gas or geothermal engineering problems,
2. To develop student’s creativity,
3. To inspire students about team awareness through group study,
4. To contribute to the students professional and ethical development,
5. To provide the students with an experience in written and oral presentations.

Course Description

This course comprises the practice including all phases from selection of an appropriate project to the completion of the project aiming at providing the students with an extensive experience in design. Throughout the scope of this course, the design related to an oil, natural gas or geothermal system is approached as an open-ended project where the problems are solved either individually or as teams of students, but team works are more encouraged.

Course Coordinator
Ömer İnanç Türeyen
Course Language
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