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PET 328E - Geo-Energy Data Analytics

Course Objectives

1.Familiarize students with subsurface data types collected in oil, natural gas and geothermal engineering
2.Develop students’ ability to apply exploratory data analysis, data mining concepts to subsurface data with appropriate visualization and analysis techniques
3.Develop students’ ability to deal with large data sets through the use of modern computational tools and packages
4.Introduce students supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms for the development of prediction and classification models for subsurface data

Course Description

Overview of data science concepts. Data types for subsurface energy resources. Basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics. Exploratory data analysis and data mining as applied to subsurface data types. Data visualization. Introduction to supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Applications with modern computational tools and packages. Case studies for oil, natural gas and geothermal engineering.

Course Coordinator
Fazıl Emre Artun
Course Language
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