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MAD 451E - Mining Machinery

Course Objectives

1.To provide basic knowledge of shaft winding systems
2.To study comparatively various shaft winding systems.
3.To give an ability to project shaft winding system.
4. To provide basic concept of compressed air.
5. To give an ability to project compressed air network

Course Description

Compressed air, isothermic and adiabatic compression. Works in compressors and engines. Coding systems. Network calculations. Compressed air engines. Pneumatic stowing machinery and pipes. Air requirement and power calculation. Examples of applications. Haulage installations. Cage and skip systems. Drum and Koepe hoists. Towers and head frame arrangements. Dynamics of haulage installations. Ropes, types, characteristics and maintenance. Rope calculations. Force, power calculations. Examples from applications.

Course Coordinator
Hanifi Çopur
Deniz Tumaç
Course Language
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