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DEN 317E - Coastal Engineering

Course Objectives

1. To get an overview of the subjects of coastal engineering,
2. To learn about the wave mechanics, design wave height, and wave hindcasting and forecasting,
3. To understand wave shoaling, refraction, and diffraction by applications,
4. To learn the coastal structures and their effects on the sediment transport.
5. To supply necessary information about the fundamentals of design of coastal structures,
6. To generate and establish a methodology for structural design from engineering stand point

Course Description

Introduction to coastal engineering. Wave mechanics, linear and nonlinear wave theories. Random
waves.Selection of design wave height and period; wave hindcasting and forecasting; seasonal
variations. Waveshoaling, wave refraction and diffraction. Wave breaking, breaker depth index. Sediment
transport due to wave induced currents. Shoreline and beach processes. Coastal structures. Forces on
structures. Rubble mound
structure design. Design of other shorefront structures: seawalls, bulkheads, groins, jettes, and
breakwaters.Impact of coastal structures on sediment transport within the surf zone.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Bayraktar Bural
Course Language
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