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HSS 311 - Int. Relations & Globalization

Course Objectives

This course aims:
1. To elaborate the questions and challenges posed by the phenomenon of called
“globalization” to the modern state system,
2. To introduce main theoretical approaches in international relations and how
they understand, explain, and evaluate the impact of the dynamics of
3. To explore the contemporary transformations in the constitutive elements-
such as sovereignty, war, political-economy, and citizenship- of global politics

Course Description

This course familiarizes students with the key issues and problems in contemporary
world politics. The first section provides an overview of the historical development of
the contemporary global political arena, contextualizing the questions and challenges
we face today within their historical roots in the evolution of the Western European
state form and practices of colonialism. The second section focuses on theories of
international relations and examines how different perspectives on global politics
make sense of the phenomenon called “globalization”. The final section surveys some
of main issues, trends, and dynamics in contemporary global politics such as war,
peace, and security, political economy, human rights, environmental politics and
transnational movements, possibilities for global democracy and justice.

Course Coordinator
Levent Kırval
Course Language
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