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Course Name
Turkish Deniz ve İş Hukuku
English Maritime and Labor Law
Course Code
DEN 332 Credit Lecture
Semester -
2 2 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator İsmail Hakkı Helvacıoğlu
Course Objectives 1-To teach the basic concepts and details of Law and Maritime Law, 2- To teach the basic concepts of Labour Law and Maritime Labour Law, 3- To introduce international maritime conventions and organizations and to teach their details.
Course Description Law branches, sources of law; Maritime Law and Maritime Public Law, branches,
sources, historical development and specifications; Main international
conventions regarding International Law of the Sea; Internal waters and
territorial sea, international straits, contiguous zone, continental shelf, exclusive
economic zone definitions and characteristics; Legal status of the Turkish Straits
and Montreux Convention 1936; Regulations regarding marine pollution and
importance; Main organizations of maritime sector, IMO and fundamental
conventions of IMO; Obligation, liability and fault at main law; Expert
responsibility of a Shipbuilding or Ocean Engineer; Ship, Ship’s seaworthiness,
port of registry, Registrations; Captain (Master), definition, duties, authorizations
and liabilities of master; Ship-owner, disponent owner and liabilities; Maritime
trade contracts (hire-time carter and contract of carriage by sea); Carrier, rights
and liabilities; Accidents at sea, collision, salvage, general average Sources of
Turkish Labour and Maritime Labour Law and International Conventions for
Seafarers. Employment Contracts International Seafarer’s (Seaman) Rights and
Course Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, the students; I. To understand the basic concepts and properties of fundamental law, II. Ability to understand the sources, characteristics and concepts of maritime law, to examine and interpret the case law,
III. To be able to comprehend the characteristics of business law and maritime business law and the basics of contracts, IV. Learn to understand and interpret the responsibilities of the people in the maritime law and responsibilities of the maritime accidents.
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