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GEM 311E - Marine Engines I

Course Objectives

1 - To introduce propulsion engine alternatives
2 - To establish a sound understanding of diesel engines AS a prime mover
3 - To provide working knowledge on Diesel engine auxiliary systems and their functions
4 - To provide information on the utility of Gas Turbine and Diesel combined systems
5 - To introduce engine-propeller matching problem

Course Description

Working principles of diesel engines, engine types, two and four stroke engines, engine construction, and thermodynamic analysis of engines, combustion in diesel engines, diesel engine emissions and abatement technologies, fuel-oil, cooling and lubrication systems, supercharging, clutching and gearing, combined power plants: gas turbines and diesel engines, CODOG, CODAG, CODAD and CODLAC arrangements, engine and propeller matching.

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Salim Söğüt
Course Language
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