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GEM 441 - Marine Engines II

Course Objectives

1. To introduce propulsion engine alternatives of steam turbines, gas turbines and combined power plants
2. To provide working principles of steam and gas turbine propulsion plants
3. To provide ability to carry out thermodynamic design calculations of steam and gas turbine plants
4. To provide information to evaluate the application of alternative propulsion plants

Course Description

Introduction to marine steam and gas turbines, Classification of marine boilers, selection of marine boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, thermodynamic analysis of steam turbines, classification of steam turbines, feed water systems, marine gas turbines, thermodynamic analysis of marine gas turbines, advanced gas turbines, utilization of gas turbines in ships, diesel engine, gas turbine and steam turbine combination power plants.

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Salim Söğüt
Course Language
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