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FIZ 310E - Statistical Physics

Course Objectives

(1) To introduce the basic parameters which are used to describe macroscopic systems and learn how to define and measure these parameters,
(2) To introduce the basic concepts of probability and their applications, and how to interpret them,
(3) To introduce the methods and the fundamental postulates of statistical physics; to learn how to apply these to systems of particles to get macroscopic parameters such as temperature, pressure, etc. which are directly measurable; to comprehend the microscopic basis of macroscopic quantities such as entropy and internal energy
(4) To learn how to obtain the macroscopic properties of ideal (and non-ideal) gases by applying the methods of statistical physics in classical approximation; to learn the limits of classical approximation,
(5) To learn about the different quantum statistical ensembles, derive the properties of quantum ideal gases and find their different limits

Course Description

Characteristic Features of Macroscopic Systems, Basic Probability Concepts, Statistical Description of Systems of Particles, Interaction of Macroscopic Systems and Laws of Thermodynamics, Statistical ensembles, Ideal and Non-ideal (Classical) Gases, Ideal Quantum Gases and Quantum Statistics.

Course Coordinator
Yaşar Yılmaz
Course Language
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