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TEK 000 - Introduction to Smart Textile and Wearable Technology

Course Objectives

1. To give information about the materials used in smart textiles, e-textiles and wearable technologies
2. To give information about design, production processes and technologies for the development of smart textiles and e-textiles
3. To examine the applications of smart textiles, e-textiles and wearable electronics in military, healthcare, civil, automative and architectural systems
4. To improve the ability of designing a product, system, component or process of smart textile, e-textile and/or wearable technology

Course Description

Definition of smart textiles, classification and market share, general characteristics expected from smart textiles, overview of electronic textiles (e-textiles) and wearable technologies. Biomimetics and bio-inspired approaches for smart fabric design. Chromic materials used in smart textiles; application of photochromic, thermochromic, electrochromic materials in textiles and color change in textiles. Thermo-regulated textiles; phase changing materials (PCMs) and technology for incorporating PCMs into textiles. Polymeric intelligent materials for smart textiles: application of shape memory systems to textiles. The use of intelligent textile materials and technologies in tissue engineering applications. Electrically conductive textile based materials and electrical properties of conductive textiles. Formation of textile based electronic circuits. Data transmission and signaling in textiles. Optical fibers and their applications in textiles. Fabrication technologies of reflective fabric and fabrics containing phosphorescence. Smart textiles and wearable technologies in medical and healthcare applications. Smart textiles in military, automotive and architectural applications. Smart textiles for structural health monitoring. Design and development strategy for e-textiles and wearable technology projects. Recent innovations in smart textiles and fashion wearable technology

Course Coordinator
Senem Kurşun Bahadır
Course Language
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